Since more than 50 years, Relevi produces domestic hygiene products that are chosen every day by the most important Italian and foreign multinational Companies who consider Relevi a partner able to meet any demanding needs.

Zobele insecticides

The Zobele Group delivers solutions that simplify consumers’ lives, making daily tasks much easier. These smart devices not only save on time but also reduce the consumption of household resources (energy, water).


Over the past 40 years, Specchiasol has learned to grasp its most important teachings, becoming "pioneer" of a new culture: phytotherapy.

Packaging Imolese

Packaging Imolese aims to be the best manufacturing partner for consumer goods multinational companies and private label trade organizations in the Household and Personal Care businesses.


Betafarma è un’azienda che ha avuto un importante sviluppo negli anni grazie alla stretta e produttiva collaborazione con i suoi clienti. Nata nella ricerca, sviluppa e produce per conto terzi prodotti cosmetici ed igienici, dispositivi medici, Presidi Medico Chirurgici ed igiene orale.

Dali food

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SACLA’ food

In Italy cooking is an art-form and here at Sacla' we have perfected the technique with a divine fusion of selected Mediterranean ingredients. Our results are delicious Pesto, Stir Through pasta sauces and Antipasti. Even the finest Italian food connoisseur could not resist them. This is our world, this is our art, the art of Saclà.

Edwards recycling paper

Edwards Waste Paper was founded in 1966 by Ray Edwards. Ray Edwards was a man with a van collecting Waste Cardboard from supermarkets and packaging companies. The business grew over the years to processing and baling cardboard in his own yard also selling 2nd hand cartons to removal and packaging companies.